People who are passionate about Algonquin folklore may know about the Wendigo. Delilah | Shadow People | A skinwalker torments humans for money, wealth, and power, because they are fundamentally still humans. Curse Jar | Phaedra | The Wendigo lurks persistently in the forests of both Canada and the United States. Numerous other differences are in play, too. I couldnt help but to follow them, like I was being pulled behind them in shackles. Davy Jones | The Woman to Eat the Children | Ereshkigal | By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. The Rake attacks the father of the father of the narrator and kills him, no matter how much the dad of the narrator tries to get it off it was no use and so the father of the narrator flees to their landlord and seek shelter and manages to cut off the hand of The Rake before it is able to get in. Satan | Escornau | Turnus | This is a mythological beast who consumes the flesh of human beings. We made it New Orleans, almost died from culture shock, and turned around and headed to Magnolia, MS to get some sleep. Judas Iscariot | Sea Monsters | Hags | You'll get everything from extra haunted investigations to podcasts to vlog adventures to giveaways where you could win the chance to be in their next video! Creepypasta Villains | I dont know. Masky | Slide-Rock Bolter | Crimes In the new post, the user just described the photography in his own words. Iemon | Behemoth | Her husband woke in the early morning, woke her up, and pointed out a humanoid creature seated at the foot of their bed. Skinwalkers are witches who strive to boost their reputations and powers via a vast assortment of harmful actions and occult activities in general. Anyways, come night time and everyone is asleep except me. Kroni | La Sayona | Monster of Mount Bandai | They can also, eventually, take off their "Skin" and return to human form. Joliet the Haunted and Cursed Doll | Windy boy Vs Flesh runner Vs The rake Background sound (horror) - KAML. Three Drowned | Beast | We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. I followed them for what seemed like 10 or 15 minutes and then I snapped out of it. Hendrik Van der Decken | Download for free: Android:\u0026hl=en_US This is where we got our Ghost Equipment (affiliate): Used: other social media!COLBY: SAM: Instagram: @SamandColby Twitter: @SamandColby Snapchat: @samgolbach \u0026 @colbybrock #SamandColby #reaction #hauntedAbout: Sam and Colby react to all things haunted, spooky and paranormal on this channel. The Chaser | Drive people away. Mentally tormenting people.Attacking people. Alias Sack Man | As we walked out the front door, I saw a figure move from behind my neighbors car to a nearby tree that stood between our apartments. The head is fixed and blank, with no mouth or nose in sight. I woke up at maybe two in the morning because I felt something hit my head. Grendel's Mother | Gualichu | When you opt in, not only do you get our curated list of the best horror streaming and stories, you support our work and help us keep the lights on. Cookie Notice So this happened about twelve years ago. The Apache, Pueblo, and Hopi peoples have their unique conception of what a skinwalker could be. Green Knight | For more information, please see our Skinwalker Bald Man Big Hairless Dog Origin The Rake Occupation Stalker Powers / Skills Enhanced strength Enhanced speed Stealth Sharp claws and teeth Maneuverability Immortality Hobby Stalking people. I stopped walking and they looked at me with the most terrifying gaze Ive ever seen. IT WAS LIKE IT KNEW WE KNEW WHAT IT REALLY WAS, 9. SCP Foundation Villains | I was expecting something to come to the door and knock, but nothing happened except that it kept walking up and down the ramp. The skinwalker is a deeply terrifying figure for Indigenous peoples, and their threat is taken very seriously, but the legend isn't always treated with respect in this wave of videos. Tarasque | Meanwhile whatever is walking around outside is still doing its thing. It opened its eyes wide and it looked hungry and pissed off. Cain | It was no big deal; we would be home in a day or two. Boneless | Enfield Horror | To meit did act kinda strange and ugly looking. My grandmas house is in a rural suburb, the neighbors arent too far when youre driving down the road to her house, but in the backyard, its thick forest with manmade paths through it. For more information, please see our Six Demons | Hercules vs. Hades: (Whats The Difference? Inanna | Although Skinwalkers arent alone in the Navajo realm, theyre often classified as being the most unpredictable, terrifying, and hazardous witches of them all. Hi. Inclement weather can do a number on the two parties that are involved in the fight. Randy, Troy and Keith | and our What ties Skinwalkers and Wendigos together the most? The Expressionless | If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. In the middle of nowhere but surrounded by rural homes. Jiangshi | It was August and my cousins ages ranged from ten to fifteen, and I was the oldest (being fifteen). Uranus | 85.7K . Our newsletter keeps our core readers connected. Mark Slender | Cleek's Clan | The noises would come from all directions, in increasingly shorter succession. If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. In 2005, an anonymous user posted a thread where he uploaded many ideas of new monsters to the website. Green stars represent the specific location where the sighting occurred. The Rake | Sheepsquatch | ), Sirens vs. Mermaids (Differences & Are They The Same? After like 5 minutes of a full sprint, I got back to that rock that I pissed at and found our camp. The Wendigo started wandering the forest endlessly. Amanda the Doll | Indrid Cold | The Operator | She moved a couple weeks after that. It walked with an odd limp and dragged its back right leg as if it has handicapped. An eyewitness account in 2006 came from a woman who told about her tragic encounter with the Rake. These varieties can sometimes fight gods and powerful demons. There also seem to appear physically now and again and are huge. Only it looked, awfully wrong, and gave off an evil vibe just from seeing it. Banshee | Wendigos are capable of calling on the emergence of snowstorms. ECKVA | The Stalker | jazi, Other deities This things face is beyond my powers to describe. Trevor Henderson Villains, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, The Rake appeared as one of the main antagonists in "The Rake vs Dogman", where it fought the infamous. I was visiting my grandparents out in Shiprock, New Mexico during last October to see family and to go to the Northern Navajo Nation Fair that week. There was one bunk bed and two double beds, the double beds for me and my fourteen year old cousin. So, were towards the east side of her yard, in a smallish patch of open land. Melon Heads | Wonderland Dream, Video Game Creepypastas We surveyed all of reddit for the most horrific and terrifying encounters with skinwalkers from Reddit. Qallupilluk | It was maybe eleven at night, and we were playing truth or dare after telling scary stories, and my fourteen year old cousin dared me and the thirteen year old to go walk through the paths for ten minutes or so. The background of the Wendigo is quite peculiar. Asuras | Holder of Gore | We didnt bring a flashlight because it wasnt pitch dark yet, and we could see enough to not die. Black Volga's Driver | Qingu | This is where everything starts getting a little fuzzy. Dog-headed Men | Jimmy | Joliet the Haunted and Cursed Doll | The Man in the Fields | Holder of Justice | 12. Being described to be a naked man or a large hairless dog. Only have taken two steps, I hear what sound like a distorted scream coming from outside, definitely close by. Gargoyles | It cant keep up forever. I looked over, 55 mph, whatever was chasing us, silently, was starting to lag behind. Devil Monkeys | They also carry leprosy. They would make animal noises and when we looked to the direction from which the noises were coming they would turn a flashlight on and off. It is interesting to note that in the Native culture most witches were male not female. In July 2004, near Gallup, New Mexico, I had my first and only encounter with a Skinwalker. Judas Iscariot | I was spending a month with my cousins at my grandmas house. Green Man of Knowledge | Brett | I was within fifteen feet of it, but I did not look back to fully inspect it. I looked straight ahead and still out of my periphery I could see that arm moving, muscles and tendons visibly rippling beneath that matted hair. Skinwalkers are evil medicine men or women. I tell her I hear it too and we lay there and listen. This strength enables them to create diversions that allow them to go forward with their seemingly wicked plans. My family owns a farm in the heart of an Indian reservation. Ame-onna | Different witnesses frequently say that the Wendigo has a lot more in common with a werewolf. Hyraaq Tobit | Kali | You may unsubscribe at any time. These are from the Alqonquin. 10. Other cultures in the area use their own interpretations of the Skinwalker. The Rake is known to be extremely hostile and aggressive towards its prey and victims. Stymphalian Birds | Im very intrigued by this and any info is greatly appreciated. Rare skinwalkers can also have the ability to enchant the powder of corpses and use the substance as a poison dust on victims. Dont you slow down.. Bila | Mourioche | King Oenomaus | I was staying with a ten, thirteen, and fourteen year old. Captain Nemo | Nessus | Laius | When we got there it was about 9 at night where we stayed up until about 2 catching up about family affairs and the local news. 13. This barking sounded human, a deep male voice barking like it knew that we knew it wasnt a dog. Flatwoods Monster | Holder of Cruelty | 4. Maybe Like him and Follow him? Mungoon-Gali | Thinan-malkia | Instead of walking like a normal dog would, this thing moved like a toy rocking horse. Destroy lives. When we got in, I asked my son, did you see that?? A skinwalker is an evil, shapeshifting human. Loki | He also said that Yoshis tend to harm people by using some sort of human bone straw to spit at someone (thinkspitballs only deadlier) and get human bones into them. They're four inches long and because of that can pack quite a powerful punch. and our Type of Villain or the North of the Great Lakes, which are large, with shaggy hair and Antlers, like a moose. The seeker | Grandma came back later and Karen told her, Grandma didnt like what she heard. Buryman | (Robin Redcap) | But all of a sudden, something was running around the house barking and it was no wasnt. First Alice | The Man Upstairs, Cryptids This noticeable sound can make victims instantly feel paranoid. We could hear it start to scratch against the door and make this odd muffled moaning sound. My uncle and cousin saw a large deer on the side of the road. Holder of Slaughter | I was moving and had just completed the cleaning and was with my 10-year-old son. In this article, you are going to learn about the differences between skinwalkers and wendigo. Enhanced strengthEnhanced speedStealthSharp claws and teethManeuverabilityImmortality The Faceless Phantom of Venice | Pukwudgies | Behemoth the Elephant | Thyestes | Cacus | Marshall was a decent little town. Those claws were at least two inches long, sharp, like an animals. Apparently they already knew exactly what to do as my grandfather got out a handgun from a drawer and a bag of ashes. Horace Horrible | That was a frenzied creature who longed for nothing more than to eat fellow humans. Baron Samedi | Stalker Zeus, Jtunn This was a perfect scenario for a horror movie, it was cloudy but there was full moon, and it was breaking through the clouds just right to light up all the snow. It smelled like pastures, hay, and swamp. Succubus | Golems | Full Name Yallery Brown | Two-Toed Tom | La Tunda | The fearsome entity was known as the Skinwalker, and its origins can be traced back to a legendary tale from the Navajo culture. Whore of Babylon | Hydra | Many people think that Skinwalkers are a bigger danger to the general public. We had called it a night and were headed to our new place. Gomorrahites | Popobawa | Skinwalker vs. Rake (Whats The Difference?). First thing she did was grab ashes from the fireplace, load three shells into the shotgun from under her bed, bless herself in Navajo and went outside to shoot it. Asmodeus | Jane the Killer | Abaddon | Monsters in movies are nothing compared to this. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. It also has a lot of visual similarities to the Southern Wendigo. Dragon | Zalgo, Music Creepypastas People all over the world have been growing frightened of an unknown creature that is creeping around on the internet. I went home after that and I have never been there during the night again. We drove through Bivins, and we drove to Texarkana. Chimpanzee | El Charro Negro | Third Alice | Sheriff Walker | As is the case with many creepypasta figures, Rake started as a joint effort online. Yowie, Modern Legends Demon | It ran off behind the shed. My grandpa lived about 25 minutes away from the nearest town and the only neighbors around are other family members. The Pharisees | The Rake appears as a supporting antagonist In multiple Slenderverse series. In 2013, manipulated photos of a Rake were generated, and the creatures true identity was discovered. Devil Monkeys | Simeon | General Jan Smuts | Mahishasura | The air was thick. Cockatrice | It is reported to stalk people for years, learning all it can about them, and even threatening them with information on their family, friends, and personal lives. Black Monk of Pontefract | Me and my family had just finished going to the carnival at the Navajo Nation Fair and called it night. Two paws wrapped around the brass door knob, standing on its hind-legs. Hellhounds | Real. Some people describe him as being an evil spirit of sorts. So I throw on some boots, grab a shotgun, load it up, and head out to the field. StalkingMass murderTortureKidnappingBurglaryVandalismTheftMan-eatingMutilationAssaultPsychological abuse Fouke Monster | I think perfect two for one. So I pump a shell into the chamber of Mr. 12 gauge and then it happened. Hermes | Goatman | Undead | I was hypnotized by the yellow lines on the road; we hadnt seen another car in at least an hour, sleepy. Hercules vs. Hades: (Whats The Difference? Black Shuck | Both of these creatures have strong roots in the universe of Native American tribes. The creature reportedly attacks humans for unknown reasons and often causes its victims great psychological trauma. This version is portrayed as much more feral, but still intelligent and crafty, able to lure and trap its hunter. Uncle Johnny, Movie & Series Creepypastas Paimon | Skinwalkers are evil Native American witches that are capable of shapeshifting and enjoy wreaking havoc on onlookers. Ive heard a lot about coyotes and Skinwalkers, and had a weird experience or two with coyotes (creepiest was waking up to my sleeping bag being surrounded in paw prints without ever hearing them during the night) but never anything paranormal so to speak. Hinnagami | The Rake is an internet meme and urban legend, originating in the Creepypasta story of the same name. Dont worry, you can unsubscribe any time you like. We stayed up that night playing poker, drinking Gordons vodka, and talking about who knows what. Culebre/Culebre | Smile Dog | Skinwalkers, also referred to as Shapeshifters, are a breed of supernatural beings that possess the ability to shapeshift into animals and other beings Skinwalkers are present in the native American Navajo beliefs, where they are typically referred to as a type of witch and are believed to be evil. God | However, most material documentation or reports have been mysteriously lost or destroyed over the years. If youre familiar with the Navajo Nation, you may have heard of Skinwalkers. Lovecraft. 666 | He slowed down and the dog began crossing the road. This beast was huge, its chest was above the top of the car, and all I could see was that matted reddish brown hair. The dad of the narrator says he wish they never found The Rake. Skinwalkers have 10 claws that are aggressively sharp and painful. Phobos | Hera | Men in Black | It was covered in the same hair but slightly darker around the fingers, like it was stained with something. I was staying at my grandpas trailer in Arizona for a couple of days with my mom and dad and two brothers. Dullahan | They all looked afraid. Its claws also seems to be sharp. Enlil | (Black, shaggy coat, looked like a mix between a German Shepard and a Lab). Creepy Catalog is owned by the Thought and Expression Company, a small, independent media company. Nain Rouge | Mystery Killer | Unknown What's the difference between the two? Morgan le Fay | is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Ojncanu | The Cameramen | ? she asked. My dad is not the best at being coherent after sleep and he falls back to sleep right away. Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square | Wendigos come in two varieties. In particular, one stood out, resulting in the user creating a new post regarding more ideas about the creature. The Skinwalker and the Rake project a terrifying picture of human beings, and there are obvious parallels between the two. Paris | Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Cirein-crin | Bloody Mary (Halloween Horror Nights) | Hairy-Armed Woman | Windigo | This road was kind of like Christmasville Rd. Ghost Trains | She opened the door and chased it off. 5.9K Likes, 204 Comments. Hell | #dontlookinthetrees #demon #monster #therake #wendigo #skinwalker #horror #fyp #haunting". Origin Baphomet | Andromalius | Rake, on the other hand, can haunt you in your dreams and inflict severe trauma before strangling you. Stingy Jack | As you can see, there are a large amount of sightings on the east . the Navajo Skinwalker has profound origins in indigenous American mythology. This includes turning into owls, coyotes, etc. Terrifying SKINWALKER Caught on Camera Sam and Colby Reacts 918K subscribers Subscribe 140K 2.3M views 3 months ago #SamandColby #haunted #reaction Join XPLR CLUB: Sam and. Krampus | Hela | Legion | Reptoids | 2. Everyone was there, still sitting around talking and didnt even notice that I was gone. Meanwhile, the Rake, like many creepypasta figures, began as an internet communal production. If you accidentally lock eyes with a skinwalker, they can absorb themselves into your body and take control of your actions. It was peaceful and creepy at the same time. The narrator's dad and his father is out hunting one night after deer or coyotes. Skll and Hati | Pesanta | Loviatar | Ghosts | Yakub | Disambiguation Pages Even if their other abilities werent there, Skinwalkers are claimed to be capable of running extremely vast distances some estimate over 200 miles in the single night time. La Tunda | We stayed at Magnolia Inn, it was a shit hole, but it was nice and cool. However, this one resulted in the victim taking his life, leaving behind two empty envelopes addressed to individuals known as William and Rose, and one loose personal letter with no envelope reading "Dearest Linnie, I have prayed for you. King Ahab | Skinwalkers are most commonly encountered near native reservations, though they have been seen all over the United States (Skinwalker ranch in Utah is the most famous. As the car gained a little speed the thing running alongside us lost pace, slightly, I then saw the hand on the end of that nightmarish arm. Submit your writing He coated a few bullets and loaded them into the gun and went straight to the door. 3. This happened in the Mojave Desert in southern California. When I got down I could tell they werent playing but rather running to get my grandma. I looked back at my friend; I looked at the speedometer, 50 mph. There are also multiple Skinwalkers, who are found in southern America. The Navajo people refer to Skinwalkers simply as yee naaldlooshii. This means roughly he or she who walks on all fours.. Cassiopeia | "Reply to @jmeunoffical rake vs windy boy vs skin walker whats the diff?! Maricoxi | Chupacabra | It is popularly viewed as a disturbing humanoid creature living in the northeastern United States. This reaction makes it a walk in the park for the Wendigo to be able to track down tasty human victims any time his stomach is empty. Jeff the Killer | Momo | Isaac Grossman | Frances Booth | In the game, investigator and hunter Gordon Davis attempt to capture footage and evidence of the Rake and potentially even the Rake itself. The Medicine Man said that dog was a Skinwalker (Which in Navajo is a long word but I call them Yoshis), the body of the stray dog (Which was killed by the Skinwalker) made an illusion so we wouldnt know it wasnt a real dog. White-Eyed Children | This wasnt a hand so much as it was the killing paw and claws of some beast whose only purpose was to kill and eat. I lit another cigarette, didnt roll the window down, and simply said, Shit. The music had stopped. My uncle is Mexican and Native American. WuuuuffwuffwuffRuffff.Rrrrrrruuufff.Arffffff.Arff Arff. Just exactly like that, adding the Ws, Rs and As. There are also multiple Skinwalkers, who are found in southern America. Unseelie Court Fairies | After being scolded by my mom, one of my aunts chimes in with a very cautious tone and says, Theyre real alright, had a few start screaming outside of my trailer in Farmington just a few night ago. El Gritn de Media Noche | 2010 The Thought & Expression Company, Inc. and translates to he who walks on all fours., 5. These fangs are three inches in length as well. it's sam and colby's very own social media platform! In this realm, the victims continue living beyond death, as if it is an after life of sorts. Pazuzu | Its critical to acknowledge that it may be a con as well. Strangely enough, Skinwalkers have the power to emulate human voices with great accuracy. They often become coyotes, wolves, foxes or bears, though they can shapeshift to any animal. 1. It was May or June, in south MS; cool was the only adjective that mattered. Some 16 or 17 years after this happened I ran across a story and a movie called The Legend of Boggy Creek. If their other powers werent enough, Skinwalkers are also said to be able to run incredibly long distances some say over 200 miles in one evening. TERRIFYING CRYPTID RAKE ATTACK - CAUGHT ON CAMERA (SKINWALKER FOREST) RAKE OR SKINWALKER? When my mother asked my grandmother what had happened, she kept repeating The Yenaldlooshi has found me. Orang Minyak | In Navajo folklore, a skin-walker would be a type of evil witch who can become the body of a creature or masquerade themselves as one. I rolled the window down and lit a cigarette. Momonjii | I forget why we went out there but it had to be important because my dad never tagged along with us out there. Kigatilik | deathbattlefanon When he pulled onto the road, it was running next to him. The man was so famished that he had no option but to become a cannibal. Clown Doll | ). The Rake scurried up to the woman's husband and stared at him, then turned around and headed for their children's rooms. Busiris | My cousins were all sitting on the double bed opposite me on the other side of the room. THE RAKE vs THE SKINWALKER high quality content 6.94K subscribers Subscribe 66 2.8K views 3 years ago huh, guess the skinwalker didn't wanna change into an animal or possess the rake or. Dragons | The dog was nowhere to be seen, nothing unusual. Alice Killer | Home of the Fire Ant Festival. Umibzu | Indrid Cold | Windy boy Vs Flesh runner Vs The rake Background sound (horror) - KAML. The Black Dog | Tiamat, Gods of Olympus Ropen | Holder of Brutality | We only haunt the willing. Loch Ness Monster | Despite this, the Navajo Skinwalker has profound origins in indigenous American mythology. Individuals who say that they have been around the creature indicate that hes a kin to Bigfoot. Putana | Cyclops | It was years later, 11 to be exact, before we ever even talked about it again and we didnt talk about it much. Jormungandr | King Vortigern | At one point in time, it was thought to be a specific variety of witches that possessed the ability to assume the form of another animal and also to possess other living beings. 8. Tamamo no Mae | Onamazu | The Killer In the Backseat | Adolf Hitler | Erymanthian Boar | Cerberus | The weapons that Wendigos use are equally fascinating. Well all this commotion was enough to get the rest of the trailer up as they came out into the hallway. Slendrina's Child | Mngwa | Then panting again by the window and we started freaking out. Mammon | Then like sunshine breaking through the clouds the road straightened out. Polyphemus | Goals Kill and eat. There is some dispute in how this happens, but some say that there is an official ceremony and that skinwakers only take their form with a gathering of people and specific chants. Kelpie of Loch Ness | In addition to the many teeth, the figure has lanky limbs and lurks firmly on the ground. Bunnyman | Most people think of when they here the word "skinwalker". It was characterized as a humanoid that could rise up to six feet in height but preferred to stoop and crawl on its hands and knees. Kelpie of Loch Ness | The game also includes a multiplayer mode with two or more unnamed hunters in the same roles, where the Rake relentlessly stalks them as they try to fend it off with firearms and traps. Immediately I could feel the car accelerate. They can even possess them if the urge strikes. I felt like I was going to be raped because I had a full head of hair and could see straight. Once one has been initiated into the Witchery Way they become "pure evil.". Everyone had drifted off to sleep except me, because my mind was still going a million miles a minute about Skinwalkers and wondered if I ever encounter one while here on the reservation. We were now trying to escape from the depths of a monster inhabited hell. Salawa | Stan Frederick | Zabaniyah | Draug | Skinwalkers are in no way, shape or form alone in the Navajo witch realm. Karen went to put back a DVD we had just watched, but she freaked out because that stray black dog was staring at us through the window standing on-top of the wood-box outside. Thardid Jimbo | So I muster up the courage and take a quick scan of outside. Tereus | By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Trolls | Lurking just out of sight, in the shadows. Mothman | It can make them feel equally out of sorts. I could still see it. Te Wheke-a-Muturangi | Still, thank you. Thats not all that they can do, either. Ymir | Hracls | Apparently one of them was a medicine man who used to partake in Yei Bi Cheis (Navajo ceremonies used for healing and curing sickness) and came over to bless each family member and the grounds outside. In the trailer, all of the rooms have the lights out so the only visible light that can be seen is from the porch light out front. It is fiercely territorial, and though it usually only attacks when provoked, it has attacked out of malice many times. It was getting late, and the sun was setting, we looked at the map and decided to back track a bit and head up rural route 43, through Karnack, and past Caddo Lake. Skinwalker vs. Wendigo (Whats The Difference?). Michigan Dogman | Greys | Tydeus | we stayed up telling scary stories often, but one night a few weeks in, we decided to make a campfire out back. Sally Williams | Either from South of the Great Lakes, where they are Pale, gaunt, and skeletal and exceptionally strong and durable (Until Dawns type). At | Weapons, first and foremost, can help people easily and rapidly distinguish between Skinwalkers and Wendigos. Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!! I ran out into the middle of the field, and just in time I see two dogs, they were standing up facing each other and fighting. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. The thirteen year old noddded his head toward the window. During the summer of 2003, the Rake was allegedly captured on camera and sparked media interest until the creature was mysteriously blacklisted from publication, and all of the records from the event were mysteriously destroyed.

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